Sunday, November 17, 2013

Super Simple DIY Floor Pillow for around $20.00! No sew option too!

Once upon a time, I couldn't get my toddler off my dog's bed.

And who can blame him?  Besides the fact that it's dirty and drooled on it's basically a giant floor pillow, and I know I certainly love those suckers.  

Add to that the fact that the area rug pictured was soon after destroyed by aforementioned dog, and it's no wonder my little dude was all over that dog bed instead of rolling around our hardwood floors).

So rather than fight it I decided to just make him his own dog bed.  I mean floor pillow.

All you'll be doing is attaching the pillows to eachother and creating a giant pillowcase out of the fleece!

You'll Need:

A needle and thread
2 yards of fleece or other no-fray material (you can do all one color or one yard in two different colors like I did)
4 standard bed pillows
Washable velcro or buttons*
A sewing machine*

Money saving tips: 
- Get your pillows either on sale or at Biglots, where I got mine for $3.00 each.  
- Instead of buying fleece by the yard, pick up some cheap fleece throws.  They'll often be cheaper, you won't have as much cutting to do, plus you'll avoid the cutting table line at your fabric store!

1) using the needle and thread, sew the pillows to eachother at the corners, overlapping the fabric to minimize unstuffed space.  I used blue thread so it'll be easy to find if I ever want to snip it and wash the pillows separately.

2) lay the attached pillows onto the fleece, trace around them, and cut your big rectabgle out of the fleece.  It's no big deal if you cut a little too big or a little too small, the pillows will conform to the size you cut.  

3) with wrong sides together, sew three sides of the case.  

4) attach the velcro or closure of your choice on the open side

5) Stuff in the pillows!

*If you DON'T want to use a sewing machine, leave an extra 3-4" around the pillows when you trace them so you can create your pillowcase the same way you'd make a tie blanket.  You won't need velcro or buttons either, just tie three sides, stuff the pillows in, then tie the remaining strips to closethe  pillows inside!

I know this completely defeats the purpose, but she looks so comfy...

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